French Colonial


“French Heritage Villa” is a building whose architecture belongs to the purest French colonial style in Laos. Its construction began around 1896, by a state-owned enterprise of the French Ministry of Colonial Affairs and called “Saigonaise de navigation et compagnie de transport et Courriers Fluviales de Cochinchine”.



This villa has welcomed many senior officers such as Mr. Paul Dumer, the governor of French Indochina and many Ambassadors who came to visit the 4,000 islands. The villa has now been converted into rooms called “French Heritage”, one of the rooms of the hotel “Sala Done Khone”.

Modern Classic


French colonial style architecture and historical significance does not mean your stay will be without the modern amenities and facilities that you have come to expect. Sala Done Khone is equipped with comfortable rooms, wifi internet, full service swimming pool and more.

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